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Audiologist Roanoke, Virginia"Your Hearing Healthcare Professional"

Digital Hearing Aid Technology is still going Strong!  The Advanced microchip now has the ability to separate 5 different listening situations automatically.  They are programmed to adapt automatically to changing sound levels.  This special feature helps you hear quiet sounds and protects against uncomfortable, loud noises. 

The results: Superior sound that automatically amplifies soft sounds and maintains louder sounds at more comfortable levels. Hearing is improved in noisy environments.

We have many different styles of hearing aids, including those worn completely in the canal These  invisible hearing  aids are called " Lyric" , (please see Lyric for more information) and behind the ear hearing devices. Virginia law requires all new hearing aids come with a 30-day adjustment period.  We provide expert fitting to ensure your maximum comfort.

We make an impression of your ear for fitting custom ear molds and hearing aids. Custom ear molds are designed to protect hearing for all commercial, industrial and recreational hazards, such as power tools, hunting, etc.

We service and repair most major brands.  We offer batteries and supplies for your hearing aids, and provide excellant customer service to ensure a rapid turn around time. In some cases, we can provide same-day service.


Assistive Listening Devices

We stock Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs).  ALDs are amplification instruments that are designed to be helpful in specific, but not all listening situations.  There are ALDs that specifically amplify the TV & the telephone.  We have cordless, amplified telephones, amplified alarm clocks and wireless listening systems for television.  We are committed to helping the hearing-impaired achieve better communication.


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